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Joseph Haydn

'Nelson' Mass in D minor


Alexander L'Estrange

Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose


Haydn - Nelson Mass

One of Haydn's most famous and most-loved works for choir, the Nelson Mass has it all: beauty, drama and great tunes! 


Read more about the work here. You can also listen and view the score simultaneously using the video below.

Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose

Alexander L'Estrange's Ahoy! was written to commemorate the anniversary of the Tudor warship being raised from the seabed and given a new home in Portsmouth Royal Dockyard. There are plenty of resources available to buy from the piece's website,, including part-tracks. 


If you have access to Spotify, the recording prepared to accompany the piece's premiere is pretty good and sets out the general mood!


You can find it here.


For a little introduction to the piece by the composer, see the video below: