About Us

In 1923, singers from two Surrey villages combined themselves into a small choir and called themselves the BUCKLAND AND BETCHWORTH CHORAL SOCIETY. That same choir has grown over the years and, in the meantime, attracting many new members from further afield.


What hasn't changed in 90 years is that our singers still come together for the joy of making music as well as forming new friendships with those who share our love of song. The music we sing comes from a wide repertoire.


Of course we still love to sing the classics works of Mendelssohn, of Bach and Haydn, but we also enjoy immersing ourselves in lesser known works by composers both contemporary and ancient.

The choir has always been delighted to welcome new singers and, unlike some choral societies, we never do auditions nor judge anyone by either their experience or their ability. Indeed we have plenty of members who joined never having sung in a choir before.


We do also have more experienced singers for whom there will always be more challenging opportunities both in smaller ensemble groups and contributing to major choral works rehearsed and performed in conjunction with other choirs.


If you would like to see how we sing together, please come join us on any Wednesday evening during term time and sing in a BBCS rehearsal for yourself. You don't need an appointment and you will be very welcome.