The choir rehearses at 19.45 every Wednesday evening in Betchworth Village Hall, Station Road, Betchworth from September to the end of June. As well as participating in the Leith Hill Festival in April, we hold an annual Christmas concert and a Summer concert.  We are always keen to welcome new members. Further information about joining can be found here.


As you would expect for such a lively group we have a very full social calendar. The Events page has details of this season's activities.

Join BBCS and sing Elijah at the Leith Hill Musical Festival in April 2017

BBCS Summer Ensemble Group had a great time at Leith Hill Place on Sunday afternoon. The old home of Ralph Vaughan Williams so an appropriate place for our Leith Hill Choir to perform. 


Don't miss the next Ensemble performance, which will be at St Mary's Church, Buckland on Saturday 27th August at 3pm

BBCS Summer Ensemble Group at Broome Park, Betchworth


How musical are you? Take the BBC test and find out - takes about 25 mins.


Checkout the timelapse video of a BBCS rehearsal.